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Bridges Sober Living Apartments in Los Angeles, CA

Learn about the passionate team behind the sober living apartments that are helping women and men stay sober in Los Angeles, California.
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Bridges Sober Living Apartments opened in the summer of 2022. Even before it opened, its reputation preceded it. Bridges very quickly rose to prominence and became recognized as one of Los Angeles’ top sober living communities.

At Bridges Sober Living, we provide both women and men with a safe and supportive residence in our sober living apartments. Moreover, we help them rebuild their lives by working with them as they develop new life skills and seek employment. It is our goal to provide a trigger-free place to recover from drug and alcohol addiction – but more importantly, to facilitate a smooth transition back into the world at large.

You won't just meet new people: you'll meet your people.

Bridges Sober Living Apartments is conveniently located near Los Angeles International Airport and other critical amenities and resources. Our comfortable residences are safe, modern, and totally supportive. Residents socialize and form a lively community where they can thrive and grow as individuals.

As our residents graduate and make their way into the outside world, it is our hope that they will bring their values and skills into the outside world. Our structured sober living program provides them with the skills they need not only to get sober, but to succeed at work, in school, and in their family lives.

As time goes on, we are convinced that Bridges graduates will not only prove themselves to be mentors and leaders in the recovery community, but they will be at the forefront of shaping a positive new future for all of us.

Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation. Your new sober residence awaits you at Bridges Sober Living Apartments.

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Support and Assistance for Women and Men Struggling with Substance Addiction

Our programs are designed to help anyone suffering from addiction put down their drugs and alcohol and regain their lives. We believe that long-term sobriety is about far more than just quitting addictive drugs – it’s about finding new, healthier tools to replace them. Our staff members work with residents as they learn how to live new, successful, and joyful lives in sobriety.

Residents make use of our plentiful resources during their time at Bridges. These include house gatherings, money management, family outreach, one-on-one mentoring, and involvement in the city’s wider recovery community.

The initial days of recovery are generally a bit rocky. We help residents stay clear of dangerous triggers and encourage them to repair their damaged lives. In the process, they enroll in academic programs, start new careers, and make new and lasting friends.

By the time they graduate, residents have a firm foundation of recovery skills and a set of values to live by. Moreover, they are firmly and comfortably situated in Los Angeles’ thriving recovery community, ensuring they have access to a social support system and plentiful resources for the rest of their lives.


Meet the Bridges Sober Living Founder

David Beasley - Founder

David Beasley founded Bridges Sober Living Apartments with a dream. He wanted to give other people what he had to work so hard to achieve for himself: sobriety and peace of mind. Years before, David was a struggling addict himself. He tried repeatedly to get sober and could not do so on his own. After moving from North Carolina to California, he thought he would succeed – but he didn’t. Numerous stints in treatment centers and sober livings didn’t help either.

Finally, feeling hopeless and dejected, David enrolled in a structured sober living home. At last, he got the support he needed. By engaging in a rigorous program that taught him the skills and values he needed, David was able to overcome his addiction and begin a new life that actually meant something to him. He was surprised and delighted to discover that he was a natural leader and mentor.

David quickly realized that his life’s calling was to help others overcome addiction the way he had. He understood that Los Angeles had a need for more ethical and structured sober living homes. His first project, a sober living house for men called Design for Recovery, was a success. This sober living was modeled on principles of honesty, accountability, integrity, and discipline, which residents’ soon discovered were just as useful in the outside world as they were for recovery.

After helping countless young men get sober, David decided to start Bridges Sober Living Apartments, a coed sober living, so that even more people could benefit from this effective approach to recovery. David Beasley’s experiences and compassion continue to help men and women get sober. Moreover, they help residents build a bridge to the future.

Take The Next Step in Your Recovery Journey at Bridges Sober Living

While many of our residents come to Bridges as a first line approach to getting sober, plenty of our residents take advantage of Bridges as part of an aftercare strategy after graduating from rehab. Our thriving community of men and women offers resources, daily support, and a supportive community. During your time here, you can expect to reach new goals, develop lifelong friendships, and begin to live a life that you find meaningful and fulfilling.

Reach out to a staff member at Bridges today to learn more about our coed sober living apartments in Los Angeles, California.

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